Chennai Floods & What You Can Do To Help

People in Bangalore and anywhere else, really, can come together to help the people of Chennai get through this ordeal. The floods in Chennai have wreaked havoc everywhere in the city and the basic necessities of life have become costly commodities.

There is no electricity in most areas. Food and dry clothing has become increasingly difficult to find. People are still stranded in hard-to-reach areas. And the heavy rains are predicted to continue for the next four days.

You can join in the army of goodwill that’s being directed at Chennai by donating food, clothing, money, power banks for charging phones, and anything else you can think of.

This site contains all the information you need to do your part.



10 thoughts on “Chennai Floods & What You Can Do To Help

  1. HI Anu, Thanks so much for pitching in! We may need support in organizing the pick up and drop offs with the volunteers! Can you call my colleague Vismaya at 9916267851


  2. Hi, This is Ashok from Hosur, TN. I am planning to travel to Chennai by 10.30 a.m through my car. Please let me know if any one wants to join me or is there any option for me to help any one. My plan is to rescue my parents who are struck in Ashok Nagar Chennai. My no : 9894082712


    • Hey Askhok, I really hope you can get your parents out safely. Sorry I couldn’t get back to you earlier. We may need some support, but let me get back to you once I liaise with the logistics team!


  3. Great guys, we are 80 ppl, going to collect essential stuffs (will be done friday), we have no idea how to ship it, any leads will help. Is it possible to send through you guys?


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