Support Pours In For BangaloreForChennai

People from all over the world have come forward and supported us in this initiative. This began as a simple idea to send powerbanks to the people trapped in Chennai and to the rescuers, but within 48 hours, it snowballed into something larger than life. We have dispatched 6 teams now to Chennai, Cuddalore and other areas that are heavily affected. We have dispatched food, blankets, clothes, powerbanks, medicine, sanitary napkins, raincoats and other essentials. We put out a desperate call for volunteers today in our Indiranagar office and over 50 people responded within 20 minutes. We are thrilled, excited, and happy that our little idea has taken a shape of its own and has the whole world involved.

We thank each and every one associated with this initiative – the volunteers, the brave souls who came forward and offered to drive down with the supplies, the media channels and publications for giving us the much-needed reach and every one of you who sponsored, donated and shared. We love you. We think you are the best people in the whole wide world.

Brave New World, as a company, has always believed that it stands for something bigger and better. We now know that it’s true. We will continue doing this for as long as there’s need. And we hope for your continued support!

We sincerely hope that the situation down south improves and improves quickly. We hope the rescuers have been able to get the relief materials to the people in need. We hope that the sun will shine tomorrow. For now, this is Brave New World, signing off Day 2. See you all on Day 3.


7 thoughts on “Support Pours In For BangaloreForChennai

  1. Good job really, We CHennaites appreciate this from our hearts. The work you guys are doing are slap in the face of the Political charlatans who are consistently failing to delivering their promises. Please do try if you can reach North CHennai parts like Vysarpadi, Minjur, Manali, there’s hardly an improvement in those areas. The media is just concentrating on areas like Velachery, Jafferkhanpet, Tambaram most of northern chennai is ignored. The essentials like Food, Milk are taken care of. However, water bottles, Mats (Paai) and power banks are in shortage. If you could find a way to deliver these, it would be of real help


  2. v thank all bagalorian to etended their immmediate support for chennai peoples. really, i realized technology,how help fast.v are all always thankful to all kannadigas and cm of karnataka,to give immediate and first man allowenced 5crore amount to us. this proved again kindness of kannadigas,thank u very much brothers.


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