Bangalore For Chennai. Always.

We started this initiative 7 days ago, and we have reached a billion people with our message of solidarity and support. Literally. We are eternally grateful for all the support we’ve received from all over the globe and we are happy and proud to report that we have dispatched 13 teams to help distribute relief supplies and help with on-ground distribution.

We look back on the past week and we are overwhelmed. We can hardly believe it.

We know for a fact that our efforts are not in vain because people have responded in droves. We helped the search and rescue of 3 families that were trapped and incommunicado with their loved ones outside Chennai. We have more than a 100 people texting us their thanks after receiving the powerbanks that we sent. Media channels featured us on national television and radio channels featured us on air at prime time. More than 70,000 people visited this website. Almost 500 people commented on our articles here and used this website as a discussion forum. Our email ID received more than 2000 emails, asking for support, thanking us, and asking us how they can help. We received more than 700 powerbanks and 20+tons of relief materials. We reached over 5 million people on social media.

All in 7 days.

We reached a billion people. We got a billion people to care.

We want to thank everyone for their unrelenting support. We have stopped collecting relief materials for now and we will focus more on packaging and distribution on-ground. We will continue coordination between different teams all around the country. We are going to focus on rehabilitation efforts from now on.

Chennai will prevail. We all will. United.



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