Bangalore For Chennai. Always.

We started this initiative 7 days ago, and we have reached a billion people with our message of solidarity and support. Literally. We are eternally grateful for all the support we’ve received from all over the globe and we are happy and proud to report that we have dispatched 13 teams to help distribute relief supplies and help with on-ground distribution.

We look back on the past week and we are overwhelmed. We can hardly believe it.

We know for a fact that our efforts are not in vain because people have responded in droves. We helped the search and rescue of 3 families that were trapped and incommunicado with their loved ones outside Chennai. We have more than a 100 people texting us their thanks after receiving the powerbanks that we sent. Media channels featured us on national television and radio channels featured us on air at prime time. More than 70,000 people visited this website. Almost 500 people commented on our articles here and used this website as a discussion forum. Our email ID received more than 2000 emails, asking for support, thanking us, and asking us how they can help. We received more than 700 powerbanks and 20+tons of relief materials. We reached over 5 million people on social media.

All in 7 days.

We reached a billion people. We got a billion people to care.

We want to thank everyone for their unrelenting support. We have stopped collecting relief materials for now and we will focus more on packaging and distribution on-ground. We will continue coordination between different teams all around the country. We are going to focus on rehabilitation efforts from now on.

Chennai will prevail. We all will. United.



Support Pours In For BangaloreForChennai

People from all over the world have come forward and supported us in this initiative. This began as a simple idea to send powerbanks to the people trapped in Chennai and to the rescuers, but within 48 hours, it snowballed into something larger than life. We have dispatched 6 teams now to Chennai, Cuddalore and other areas that are heavily affected. We have dispatched food, blankets, clothes, powerbanks, medicine, sanitary napkins, raincoats and other essentials. We put out a desperate call for volunteers today in our Indiranagar office and over 50 people responded within 20 minutes. We are thrilled, excited, and happy that our little idea has taken a shape of its own and has the whole world involved.

We thank each and every one associated with this initiative – the volunteers, the brave souls who came forward and offered to drive down with the supplies, the media channels and publications for giving us the much-needed reach and every one of you who sponsored, donated and shared. We love you. We think you are the best people in the whole wide world.

Brave New World, as a company, has always believed that it stands for something bigger and better. We now know that it’s true. We will continue doing this for as long as there’s need. And we hope for your continued support!

We sincerely hope that the situation down south improves and improves quickly. We hope the rescuers have been able to get the relief materials to the people in need. We hope that the sun will shine tomorrow. For now, this is Brave New World, signing off Day 2. See you all on Day 3.

Three Teams Reach Chennai Successfully

We woke up this morning to some amazing news. All the three teams that left here yesterday have successfully reached Chennai and the powerbanks are being distributed as we speak. Along with the powerbanks, other relief material like food, water, dry clothes and medicine have reached and are being distributed to the people who need it the most.

This is the only side of the bed we want to keep waking up on. 🙂




Driving To Chennai: What Roads To Take

Thanks to Freddy Koikaran, we have detailed information on how to reach Chennai and what roads to take. Please read this and share, and this may just save someone’s life:

Sourced from Freddy’s post on Facebook:

I was in Kanchipuram and drove into Chennai today and have reached home safely at Perungudi. For the benefit of those who need to venture out, I am providing details of the route I drove.

Firstly thanks to Aanchal, Avis, and Vaani for sharing this info with me, so that I could get home, and check on my family, who have been dealing with this weather for the last 2 weeks on their own.

1. Kanchipuram to Koyembedu: the road is quite good. There are areas that have potholes, but no water logging at all.
2. Maduravoil flyover: you cannot head towards Tambaram, so avoid the flyover completely.
3. Koyembedu flyover to Chetpet Bridge: Absolutely no problem on the roads.
4. Chetpet Bridge to Gemini: again, no problem, except for a bit of water logging on Nungambakkam High Road.
5. Gemini to TTK Road signal: no problem.
6. TTK Road signal to RA Puram: no problem, but a bit of water logging near Billroth Hospital.
7. DO NOT HEAD TOWARDS KOTTURPURAM BRIDGE, AS IT HAS BEEN CLOSED. There is significant water logging on the stretch from Greenways Road signal to Boat Club area.
8. Billroth Hospital signal to Music College via Mylapore: no problem except for a bit of water logging near the playground next to Music College.
9. Adyar Bridge: no problem, but the Adyar Flyover is closed.
10. Adyar signal to Thiruvanmiyur signal: no problem.
11. THIS IS THE PROBLEM AREA: heavy water logging towards Buckingham Canal AND towards Tidel Park SIGNAL (basically the only 2 options to reach the OMR). I opted for the Tidel Park signal and almost got stuck in the water.
12. If you safely cross to the OMR, the road is motorable up to the Perungudi toll plaza.


Donating Power Banks To Chennai


Update, 12.30 am, Dec 5: It’s the middle of the night and we are happy to report that teams 3, 4, and 5 have been loaded and dispatched to Chennai with food, blankets, powerbanks and other essentials. Some of these will be air-dropped by the Indian Air Force. We put out a desperate call for volunteers to help us out today and we had such an enormous outpouring of support! Thanks to everyone who stood by us and helped us get these teams on the road in time!

Update, 11.00 am, Dec 4: We woke up this morning to the news that all 3 teams from yesterday have successfully reached Chennai and the powerbanks and other relief aid materials are being distributed. 🙂

More teams are on their way today. So, keep those powerbanks coming in.

Update, 6.30 pm, Dec 3: CNN-IBN is covering us LIVE tonight at 9.00 pm to showcase our campaign and the huge support it’s received. Please catch the show and here’s hoping that inspires more people to sponsor powerbanks to those who need it desperately in Chennai. 

Update, 4.00 pm, Dec 3: We just shipped off our first batch of 50 powerbanks and a lot of blankets with the first team. Thanks everyone for the support! 

Update, 7.45 am, Dec 3: We have received a ton of support for this cause and people from all over the world have pitched in, offering power banks, cash and other aid packages – blankets, packaged food, etc. This kind of response is overwhelming and unprecedented. Thank you all so much! We are receiving a lot of individual requests, where people have specified that a particular person needs a powerbank. We will try our best to ensure that everyone gets a powerbank but it will all depend on the on-ground situation in Chennai. If for some reason the person you requested did not receive the powerbank, we apologize, but rest assured that everyone who receives one will be extremely grateful for your support. 

Request For Volunteers: We are in need of volunteers or organizations who can support us in setting up more trips to Chennai to deliver the powerbanks and aid packages. Please get in touch with us if you have a few hours to spare and are willing to drive down to Chennai. You will be saving a lot of lives. 

With no electricity, people don’t have any means of communicating to the world if they are trapped or if they need immediate assistance. One unique way of helping people is to donate power banks to help people charge their phone batteries and reach out to rescuers and loved ones. We found a lot of cheap options on Amazon and Flipkart.

We have a few people who’re picking them up in Indiranagar today, Dec 5, 2015, in the afternoon. The drop-off address is given below:

Brave New World, 3293/A, Citadel Plaza, 3rd Floor, Indiranagar 12th Main, Bangalore – 560038.

Even if you can’t come and drop it off, you can purchase this online and have it delivered to the above address and we’ll make sure it reaches Chennai!

We are making 2 trips to Chennai today and a few more tomorrow and all through the week! 

If you can, please make sure you charge the powerbanks before dropping them off! 

Update: We have more people offering to drive to Chennai on Dec 4th and 5th as well. So, even if you don’t get one-day delivery, please order it and get it delivered. We’ll make sure they reach Chennai.

PS: Please don’t send us Cash-on-Delivery orders as we won’t be able to accept them. We are requesting you to sponsor the powerbanks.Bangalore for Chennai-01

Donations For Chennai

If you wish to donate financially to reputed organizations that are carrying out some noble work right now in Chennai, here are three options you can consider:

  1. Women of Worth: They will immediately use the funds you donate to help those who are stranded.
  2. Rapid Relief: These guys are doing some amazing relief work right now in Chennai and are helping essential supplies reach the right areas.
  3. World Vision India: You can donate pre-determined amounts for specific items to be delivered to the flood victims

Chennai Floods & What You Can Do To Help

People in Bangalore and anywhere else, really, can come together to help the people of Chennai get through this ordeal. The floods in Chennai have wreaked havoc everywhere in the city and the basic necessities of life have become costly commodities.

There is no electricity in most areas. Food and dry clothing has become increasingly difficult to find. People are still stranded in hard-to-reach areas. And the heavy rains are predicted to continue for the next four days.

You can join in the army of goodwill that’s being directed at Chennai by donating food, clothing, money, power banks for charging phones, and anything else you can think of.

This site contains all the information you need to do your part.